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“If I was where I would be, then I would be where I am not.
Here I am where I must be, where I would I cannot.”
 (‘Katie Cruel’ *)


Characterised by a slow seductive rhythm section with a heavy, groove laden bass sound, layered with dark vocals and tough guitar lines, Katie Kruel’s music marks influences of the Melvins’ style of sludge, as well as stoner and even some doom.

The themes of the lyrics and (mostly) warm, laid back style of singing, might show Gothic Americana elements, but you better forget the stifling atmosphere of the U.S. South: Katie Kruel’s realm is firmly set within the oppressive heat of Northern Europe’s darkest urban underbelly!

So… sludge, stoner, doom or even gothic Americana….whatever influence: Katie Kruel creates its own contemporary unique sound that will pull you through your forbidden fears.

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*  Katie Kruel’s name refers to the folksong Katie Cruel, best known for its heartrending rendition by Karen Dalton.

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>>> E.P. ‘curse’

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