Kruel2 = Katie Kruel in a semi-acoustic doom lounge setting…

“This was really heavy, though they played semi-acoustic. Fantastic!(…) Even playing quietly it sounds like a 130 DB “we are lost, but fuck that!”. Amazing!
(owner Cafe Sound Garden Amsterdam)

“The intensity of this version of your music reminds me of [the album] ‘Push the Sky Away’ by Nick Cave.”
(owner Velvet Music Store Rotterdam)

‘Lover’ in semi-acoustic version, with guest drummer Ed Romijn,
at Logman, November 17, 2019

Kruel2@ Sound Garden, Amsterdam

Usually Katie Kruel is quite a loud and overwhelming live band, but occasionally we go for a less heavy sound. Than we are performing as KRUEL2 with a semi-acoustic set up, playing especially rearranged Katie Kruel songs. 
Depending on the context KRUEL2 performs either as a duo, consisting of Nathalie (vocals) and Hans (guitar), or together with the other band members and/or guest musicians. Of course these kind of performances have a different feel to it, more intimate, but nevertheless intense and strong.

KRUEL2 performed and performs in cafe’s and bars like Soundgarden, Amsterdam and Jazzcafé Dizzy, Rotterdam, in record stores like Velvet, Rotterdam, and Sounds, Haarlem, but also at living room concerts, so anywhere where a more laid back ambiance is required.

House concert @ Muziek bij de Buren Festival, Uden, joined by guest drummer Teru (12 y.) for two songs.

Kruel2’s doom lounge does not necessarily mean that we cannot go extremely psychedelic on occasions (and per special request 😉 ) :

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