Katie Kruel’s (un) party

Katie Kruel is having a party on December 10, 2016. Just because we like it!

Besides that, would like to present our EP ‘Curse’* on cassette.
Especially for this occasion we present an exclusive limited edition of 7 copies by Rotterdam artist Marie-Louise Elshout, in addition to the regular release of this cassette.

To enhance the festive joy we invited Mark Ritsema (frontman of Spasmodique) and Nina Hitz (cellist), who both will play solo. Moreover, the Irish artist Rachel Rose O’Leary presents a horror short film. Liquid Soundclash will be hosting  the after (un)party.

We start from 20.30 hrs. in one of the cellars (where else) of Westelijk Handelsterrein Rotterdam (Vollenhovenstraat 15 beneden, Pakhuis 17).

You can order tickets and combo deals here

*Curse is already digitally available: http://katiekruel.bandcamp.com/


Katie Kruel’s (un) party is supported by:  



Marie Louise Elshout

Marie Louise Elshout
Marie Louise Elshout

We are cooking up something together with Rotterdam artist Marie Louise Elshout, which will remain a dark secret until it will be revealed on December 10! The only thing you get to know is that it is a limited edition cover of the cassette ‘Curse’ and that it is inspired by Elshout’s work ‘Hurricane#2’

Her work draws on the historical past and reflects her desire towards nineteenth-century Romanticism. The mysterious beings in the work reveal her fascination with the supernatural and the elusive. Myths are the starting point for stories that gradually appear to unfold in Elshout’s dark images.

Marie Louise Elshout attended Willem de Kooning Academy and Piet Swart Instituut in Rotterdam. Her work is in various private and public collections. More info: http://marielouseelshout.com

Mark Ritsema

Mark Ritsema
Mark Ritsema

We are sure that for many of you who like Katie Kruel, an introduction of Mark Ritsema – singer, gitarist, songwriter, notorious frontman of Spasmodique – is not necessary.

However, you might not know about a tiny blemish which has been thoroughly erased by the chroniqueurs of his otherwise longstanding, impressive career: he used to play guitar in The Bride (stripped Bare) for about 4 years in the early nineties.

The Bride (stripped bare) was the first band in Rotterdam of Katie Kruel’s Nathalie and Hans was one of the bass players. The band issued only a few demo cassettes and had some memorable performances, but did not even turn out to be a footnote in Mark Ritsema’s history 

The only reason why we dare to mention this here and now is because some of Katie Kruel’s songs are actually reworked songs of The Bride. In the early beginnings of Katie Kruel, we did not want to start from scratch and while playing the old songs again and reworking them, we decided it was worthwhile to finally record some properly.

The distorted sea shanty ‘Knife’ on the debut album of Katie Kruel, for example, is based on one of the first songs written by Nathalie and the initial music for it was composed together with Mark, Camille Dings (bass) and Rutger Wolfson (drums).

The song ‘Stroll’ on the Curse EP, was composed together with Mark, Rutger Wolfson and Katie Kruel’s Hans. It sounds different than the original version of course, but the original basis is still there.

It will probably the last Bride song ever to be properly recorded. Although there are some fine songs left, Katie Kruel is definitely not The Bride, and we are moving on.

So we cannot avoid it even if we would want it: in the chronicles of Katie Kruel Mark Ritsema does exist. He exists as the guitar player who once stood at the base of some of Katie Kruel’s songs and now as a very precious guest on our (un) party.

Because besides being the frontman of Spasmodique, he is also a magnificent solo artist, we would like you to enjoy. Check out for example: https://soundcloud.com/tonefloat-re…/mark-ritsema-the-lovers

If you want to find out more about his other activities for example as a gitaritst of Mecano, Minny Pops and Bullfight or his previous accomplishents (apart from being a Bride band member  ), go to http://markritsema.nl

(image: Gerard Groenendijk)

Nina Hitz

Nina Hitz
Nina Hitz

We are very proud to present a cellist who blew our minds with her improvised performance together with Lucas Simonis, when they performed on the same night as Katie Kruel a couple of months ago. We immediately wanted to ask her to collaborate with us, but were looking for the right occasion. So we threw this party just as an excuse to invite her. 

Nina Hitz was born in Switzerland, but is currently living in Rotterdam. She finished her graduate studies in Baroque cello at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. 

She consistently seeks the unknown in life and in music, so in addition to baroque music, Hitz is active with experimental music, improvisation and theatrical performances.

She is a member of Belfontis, with Forte Piano player Kaoru Iwamura, where they are specialiced in early romantic music, Traces and Resonances, with dancer Sato Endo, Jargon, with leader Maurice Horsthuis.

She has played in theater- and dans productions of Orkater, Olivier Provily, het barre land, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, les Ballets C de la B.

Rachel-Rose O’leary

Rachel-Rose O'leary

Katie Kruel proudly introduces Rachel-Rose O’leary!

Rachel-Rose O’Leary (IRL, 1991) is an artist and writer based in
Amsterdam and currently attending the Sandberg Institute. Her research concerns inhumanism, erotica and A.I. For more visit her website: http://e-rot.tumblr.com

The work she presents is (especially adapted for the (un)party):

‘Insects swarm car- amazing’ (2016)
Horror short, 10 mins
Found footage of insect swarm with mutated audio

Youtube video by user KillerChic666 ‘Insects swarm car- amazing’ is an example of a local manifestation of cosmic horror: the feeling of terror that results from the contemplation of the universe at large.

Cosmic horror is a kind of distancing- a becoming distant, but at the same time an awareness of a distinct locality. In ‘Insects swarm car-amazing’ an unthinkable quantity of sea-roach swarm a 4×4. Their movement is both texture and excruciating detail. Insects are a terrestrial entity, though utterly alien to us in their sensory capabilities and capacity for social organisation.

In this version the original audio track (featuring children screaming in response to the swarm and some starkly profound commentary on behalf of their parents “Jenny, if I turn the nuclear reactor off WILL THEY GO AWAY?”) is preserved but enriched with surplus texture in order to further secure the mutation of the found footage into a horror-short.

Rachel-Rose O'leary
‘Insects swarm car- amazing’ (2016) still

Liquid Soundclash

Liquid Soundclash
Liquid Soundclash

The last addition to our list of friends to delight us with their sound and/or images is Dj Liquid Soundclash. He will host the after(un)party, with post-punk / cold wave / no wave / minimal / industrial / ultra / jazz noise etc. etc.

Liquid Soundclash is a vinyl playing dj from the industrial Rotterdam area in the Netherlands.